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Naam Iruvar Namaku Iruvar 18.9.20

Siblings Aravind and Mayan (both played by Senthil Kumar) were isolated not long after birth when Aravind was given to a childless couple and brought up in the city while Mayan stayed with his family in the town. Aravind finds he was embraced and embarks to meet his genuine guardians and twin sibling just because since his reception thirty years prior. On the opposite side Sandanpandi has 2 spouses. He has 3 youngsters – Devi, Karthik and Vidya from his first spouse Valli and one girl – Thamarai from his second wife Parvaty.

A marriage is fixed among Aravind and Devi yet Aravind is hijacked a couple of days before the wedding by Machakalai and Parvaty who need to render retribution on Sandanpandi by taking his little girl from his first marriage’s man of the hour and getting the husband to be hitched to his little girl fom his second Marriage. Issues emerge when Mayan takes the character of Aravind and weds Devi (Raksha Holla) while Aravind is compelled to wed Thamarai (Rashmi Jayraj). She isn’t acknowledged by her relative, Gowri while Mayan isn’t acknowledged by Devi’s family. Be that as it may, them two figure out how to cause their individual companions to respond their inclination.


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