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Bigg boss tamil 4 download | Day 22 of Big Boss Tamil 4 – Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Episode 23

Watch Bigg Boss Tamil 4 26/10/20 online. TheBigg boss 4 Tamil 26-10-2020¬†fourth season was orchestrated to be launched on June 2020 but delayed. Star Vijay posted the teaser of the 4th Season on 27 August 2020 along with which¬†the season’s logo was revealed. The season is to premier on October 26 @ 9:30 PM

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The house has amenities including a garden, pool, activity area and gym. It includes two astronomically immense bedrooms, a living area, a kitchen, a storeroom, a smoking room, a jail, and four bathrooms.

The confession room is an unconventional additament, where all private conversations between the housemates and Bigg Boss occur. The house enjoins television, telephones, internet and clocks. In Season 2, the Smoking Room was inside, while the Restroom and the Jail were sited outside the House for penalization. The Girls’ bedroom had a bathroom for emergencies. The Incipient Place was withal engendered where contestants could chat in lieu of utilizing the Smoking Room. In Season 3, the Smoking Room was brought back outside, near the swimming pool.

The House has no TV connection, no telephones, no Internet connection, clocks, pen or paper.


Housemates are bound by sundry rules. For example, contestants must verbalize Tamil, may not tamper with objects in the house, may not leave the premises without sanction, may not discuss the nomination process, may not slumber during the day, and may not commit violence against fellow housemates. The consummate rules are not revealed to the audience.

Daily episodes present the main events of the precedent day while weekend episodes fixate on discussion of the main quandaries of the week and interviews with evicted contestants. On the Sunday episode the host promulgates the evicted contestant.

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